I'm Jack, I'm 21.

From West London.

Languages, Literature, Theatre, Music, all that kinda stuff.
Listen to pretty much every kind of music, love hanging out with my mates, going clubbing, the usual.



"how do we know you’re not a cop?"

could a cop do this?

[unarmed black teen walks by without getting harassed or shot]

"ah okay you’re cool"

Wow not only did I just get followed by a sex blog randomly but it’s a pregnant sex blog… :/


cute face day

Vote narfster for cutest person on life 


japanese dragon:

- long
- chill
- no wings
- legs
- moustache
- in the sea

chinese dragon:

- long
- p chill
- no wings
- legs often but not always
- impressive beard
- 9 is a big deal

european dragons:

- jerks
- breathing fire
- wings
- often actually a wyvern
- compulsive hoarding
- caves

slavic dragon:

- three fucking heads bro
- can you believe it
- wings and like
- 3 whole heads


- honestly probably just a whale and you should all chill